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SIRIUS is at European Conference on Educational Research 23-25 August!

23-25 August, held by the European Educational Research Association, ECER will host a session on Inclusive Education. Dr. Nicola Horsley will be presenting some fresh research about digital resilience of migrant and refugee students: ‘Lessons from the Lockdown Lab: How can Migrant Families’ Views of Inclusive Education Help Tackle Marginalisation in the Digital Classroom? paper by a fully SIRIUS team of Horsley, Nicola (1); Kakos, Michalis (2); Koehler, Claudia (3); Tudjman, Tom (4); Kooijman, Kristel (5); Affiliations: 1: Leeds Beckett University; 2: Leeds Beckett University; 3: Farafina Institute; 4: Risbo, Erasmus University Rotterdam; 5: Universiteit Utrecht

This paper formalises the elements gathered in 2021 on the digital resilience of families, teachers and students working in a migrant and refugee context across 3 countries Germany, Netherlands and the UK. In addition, it follows up on the excellent webinar presented by these researchers to an international audience, which can be found here.