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YMCAC – A perspective from a participant of the final event

Written by: Kejsi

YMCAC (Young Migrants Can Achieve Change) has come to an end, but its impact will be long-lasting, and the experiences and lessons we learned will stay with us forever. This was not just a “project,” but a life-changing experience that has left an indelible mark on us. Let’s revisit the final event that took place in Brussels on April 12th.

All participants arrived in Brussels a day before the event, which gave us an opportunity to catch up and discuss what was in store for us the next day. However, the day was marred by the fact that four of our friends were unable to cross the border to France, and thus couldn’t make it to Belgium. It was paradoxical that the participants of a project aimed at highlighting the struggles faced by migrants and refugees were unable to attend the final event where they could have raised their concerns with policymakers. Despite this setback, we decided to make the most of our time in Brussels and focus on preparing for the conference.

The final event was held on April 12th at the European Parliament. In the morning, we visited the Parlamentarium, which was an informative and entertaining experience with its many interactive activities about the functioning of the EU and its institutions. After a quick lunch break, it was time for the main event. We were thrilled to enter the Parliament, as it was an opportunity that only a few are granted, and it added to the excitement of the day.

The event was divided into two parts: a “speed dating” activity and a panel discussion. The “speed dating” activity was a great opportunity for us to present our projects and have meaningful conversations with people from different backgrounds. I personally enjoyed presenting my project, titled “La lotta per la cittadinanza italiana: complicazioni e soluzioni praticabili” (The fight for Italian citizenship: complications and viable solutions) and found the following discussion though-provoking and noteworthy. Moreover, the panel discussion allowed us to delve deeper into the issues that young migrants face and gain insights into the perspectives of the institutions, namely the European Commission and European Parliament. Although MEP Salima Yenbou was unable to attend, we were grateful for the opportunity to discuss our projects in such a prestigious venue.

In conclusion, YMCAC was an unforgettable experience that has left a lasting impact on all participants. The final event at the European Parliament was a great opportunity to share our projects, network with like-minded individuals, and gain insights into the perspectives of policymakers. We hope that our contributions will help raise awareness of the struggles faced by young migrants and refugees and contribute to positive change.

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